Corporate and Social Responsibility

“Charity is not a social activity but we could initiate this activity even when we are working toward industrial development. Inspired by Mr. David Wiintzer of WEDO ( David Wintzer was assisting a group of 25 women, Women Entrepreneurs Development Organization (WEDO) in granting micro-loans to start up small business in Kenya.”

Sohan Rawat And Naidu Co-founder, The ANAND Foundation

We at SV Group recognised our social responsibility toward the society as being a part we like to do deliver our services to the society while we are working for the industry.

“Anand is not just a name. It’s a Dream of a person I like to live-in through various eyes who will be getting shelter even for one day”

Sohan Rawat, Co-founder, The ANAND Foundation

As a long-time provider of services for mentally challanged children and frail seniors in the community, ANAND has witnessed dramatic changes both in the care implications of aging and in the needs of those living with HIV/AIDS. ANAND has responded to evolving need by developing new programs, adapting existing programs and by opening community services components, which are preferred by many over institutional settings.

There is a great similarity in what is needed by those with HIV disease and by adults who are growing older. Persons with HIV infection are living longer because of treatment therapies. Many older adults are healthier than previous generations, but still face frailty that is intermittent and progressive, brought on by the challenges of aging.

A core value that guides ANAND is respect for those in its care and responsiveness to their individual needs.